PLAIDEA is an AI innovation idea competition held by Cognixy as a celebration of the opening of the AI PLaiGROUND laboratory at ITB Labtek 8. This event is to be participated by ITB students. 
The theme of this competition is “AI FOR INDONESIA”. With this competition, we would like to promote using AI as a tool to solve problems that are unique to Indonesia. As we know AI is advancing quickly globally because it has great impact in solving problems that were previously unsolvable. Everyday AI use cases are being generated and applied in ingenious way. Your idea will be evaluated and shared in our PLaiGROUND with the hope that it will be realized through our collaborative research efforts.
This competition consists of two stages. The first step is registration competition and gathering of ideas in the form of proposals. The 10 best teams will follow the second stage in the form of presentation of ideas.


Top-5 Proposals:

ByeTrash: Mesin Pemilah Sampah Otomatis dengan Convolutional Neural Network
TanamApa Aplikasi rekomendasi potensi kegiatan cocok tanam berdasarkan kondisi wilayah berbasis kecerdasan buatan
FOCON (Focus On) : Aplikasi Pintar Memprediksi Tingkat Konsentrasi Siswa
Food 4 U
Traffic Automation